Once a scribbler, always a scribbler.

Raised by a pack of wild geese, Mark learned to fly at an early age. No? How about — raised by gophers Mark learned to dig extremely fast at a young age. No matter the truth, I can say that I grew up near St. Paul, Minnesota, and ended up graduating from The University of Wisconsin, Madison. I enjoyed studying ancient art history, comparative literature and Chinese, but ended up with a BFA focused on design. I proceeded to work in politics, advertising and graphic design in Madison until I transferred myself to Los Angeles where I worked in graphic design, motion graphics, video games, animation for TV and film and created several TV shows that never saw the light of day or even the glow of a TV.

I later attended the MFA program in animation at UCLA where I made The Thing with No Head. The best animated short ever made. Ever. OK. That's subjective. You can also check out the Dreamworks Online series Book Reports that I created. I made 3 awesome episodes with flying kids, Frankenstein school lunches and a unicorn.

I ended up working as an art director for Sony Online, a new media creative director for Pearson Television and a current production manager for Walt Disney TV Animation. Along the way I was writing and illustrating books—sending them out and enjoying the resulting letters that varied between, "You should never work in children's books," and "Send more samples!"

In 2007 a small publisher in Long Beach published several of my comic books. In 2009, Tricycle Press published The Book That Eats People, which I illustrated, and since then I have been fortunate enough to work on  many books which you can read about on this site and if you order the books or check them out from a library you can read the actual books.

My favorite genres are science fiction, horror and humor. Or a combination of all three. And oddly enough, geese didn't teach me to fly. It was the gophers that taught me that. Who'd a guessed!?